Rebecca's Front Garden

Los Altos, California

Over the past 18 years I’ve slowly reduced the dominating (and little used) front lawn, with the very last remnants removed a few years ago. Now, in place of the former lawn is a wide pebble pathway that gently winds through several lush and low-water garden beds.

This area of my garden consists of a combination of California natives and tough Mediterranean plants that provide color and interest year-round, while using much less water. The result is a tapestry-like garden that attracts wildlife and pollinators, provides flowers throughout the year, and is a source of endless joy for me. All while reducing our water bill by 30%.


* You can read more about how I transformed my front garden in this 3-part series.

* You can also read more about my garden in these publications, found on my media page:

  • Garden Gate magazine, 2016
  • Sunset magazine, January 2013
  • Refresh Your Garden Design (Rebecca Sweet, 2013)
  • Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to Gardening (Katie Elzer-Peters, 2012)
  • Country Almanac, 2011
  • Fine Gardening, February and October 2009
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